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Product Review of Outlook Recovery from Expert’s Eye

Outlook Recovery, a software product developed by MS OutlookSoftware Private Limited has its own very significant and chief importance. Though its current and latest version is 4.1, which is one of the flagships of the year, its first version had been launched quite some years back. Since times back the tool has been rendering services for the purpose of resolving issues related to Outlook, a desktop mail program for Windows PC, developed by the IT giant and the world’s biggest company, Microsoft. This review focuses on different aspects of the Outlook Recovery release 4.1 such as its specifications, system requirements, features and working. A profound scan as how it deals with the different types of issues is made here so that it gets easy for users to have a better understanding of the software application.

Why an External Utility of Which Outlook Recovery is an Exemplar?

Though Microsoft takes all precautions and devises best methods to develop its applications including Outlook so that issues do not occur in the email client, some cases do arise which are often caused due to users negligence, lack of knowledge and some due to other factors such as malicious software, Trojans attack, virus and many other vivid reasons.

Therefore, I as an expert too think that external, third party tools can be brought in usage to avoid complications and get back to work with the concerned mail client as soon as possible. The reason being, that although in-built tools have been provided its usage is difficult and require external expertise. Also, large amount of time needs to be invested which is not feasible at all in a busy work schedule. Work cannot be left at bay in hanging for such long time. Therefore, it is suggested to opt for any suitable commercial tool of which Outlook Recovery is an example, which gives good response in fixing issues of Outlook made for Windows PC.

Problems & Solutions Discussed

Ø  Various Issues That Can Arise in Outlook and How Outlook Recovery Can Cope Up With them is discussed in this section of the review.
There are three disastrous cases that can occur with Outlook for Windows such as Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 and below versions. The main problems are as follows:

  1. Minor Corruption Issue in PST File
  2. Major Damage Caused to Outlook File
  3. Permanent Deletion of Outlook data files i.e. Shift Deleted Items
I. Let’s begin with situation mentioned at the top where the Outlook PST file has minor corruption issue.

Problem - In such scenarios the data file gets inaccessible leading to all the data items stored within, such as emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, journals, etc. unattainable. Sometimes many errors also pop up with different messages.

Solution - To deal with such cases the tool has been featured with a recovery mode called Quick Scan. When this mode of recovery is selected it successfully scans and recovers the files having minor corruption issues. Thereafter, all the stored data items get easily accessible.

II. In continuation with the series of problems, comes the situation mentioned at second position i.e. when PST files are severely damaged.

Problem – Similarly, in this case also, the .pst files arerendered inaccessible that makes all the data items of Personal Folders of Outlook account unreachable and also errors with message of high severity corruption prompts up. In such cases when the files are extremely corrupted, it becomes impossible to recover them by the Quick Scan recovery mode of the tool.

Solution - To deal with such cases the software has been characterized with a recovery mode called Advance Scan. With this mode of recovery having been selected, the files affected by major corruption issues get eventually scanned and recovered. Subsequently, all the data items stored within the Personal Storage Table get accessible without any error.
III. Another problem that can arise with the PST file is the permanent deletion of data items.
Problem – Permanent deletion of data items can occur either accidentally or knowingly. This type of data removal takes place either by (Shift+ Delete) or by removal of items from Deleted Items folder of Outlook also including from the original location.

Solution – In such cases also the Advance Scan recovery mode provided in the tool comes to rescue. This recovery mode is such an advanced solution that it even recovers permanently deleted items that are often believed to be unrecoverable.

Comment – These are the three major issues often faced with Outlook whose resolution is easily provided by the Outlook Recovery without any hindrance.

Several Tasks Accomplished With Advance Scan

Some more tasks that can be accomplished with the Advance Scan recovery mode are as follows:
Ø  Can retrieve files that get damaged due to file size limitation of 2 GB.
Ø  Can recover files from corruption due to Outlook data file compression.
Ø  Recovery of permanently deleted data possible.
Ø  Retrieval of severely corrupt files is feasible.

Chief Features of the Recovery Tool

v  Recovery of Password Protected Files - Has the ability to recover files that are even protested with strong password.
v  Email Filters – With this it can export selective data only while leave the rest.
v  Recovery in Three File Formats – Recovery is possible in PST, MSG as well as EML file type.
v  Possess minimum system requirements.
v  Supports all releases of Outlook mail client.
v  Supported on all editions of Windows OS.
v  Secured by Norton and Symantec anti-malwares.
v  Size of tool is only 17.2 mega bytes.
v  Renders preview of the recovered items.
v  Does not involve any data loss or damage to folder structure.

Overall Remarks on Features & Performance

So, based on the overall discussion, it can be concluded that the application serves as a perfect tool that leaves no stone unturned in recovering damaged Outlook PSTfiles and hence its data. It can be used without hurdle as it provides easy to use interface which is almost same as Outlook. Unquestionably, it can be rated as 9 on a scale of 10. However, Outlook should be installed to save recovered files in PST file format which is no big task.

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Product Review of Outlook Recovery from Expert’s Eye Reviewed by Shree Madhan on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 Rating: 5
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