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Lightweight Android Browser With Adblock and Site Filter

Atlas Web Browser
In the upcoming version of Android L everything is going to change from user interface to apps. Google announced that they will be using Material Design interface in the Android L, so they released an SDK for developers to transform their apps into material design interface. The one cool thing which I like about material design is its clean, flat, appealing color, smooth transition and looks neat and tidy. As many app developers are working on to migrate their app to material design even some of the android apps are now switched to material design recently Google Chrome browser for android changed their interface to material design and it just looks awesome.
The one major drawback of Google chrome browser is it's not lightweight it consumes lots of RAM usage that's not a good experience for low end android mobile user and the other major drawback of Google Chrome browser is it doesn't support extension in the mobile version so you can't use your favorite desktop extension in your mobile, you can't block ads on the browser you have to install an third party app and most of them requires root access (this will be a pain in the ass for some beginners.)

Better Alternative for Chrome 

If you are trying for a better alternative without sacrificing the speed and the material design you should definitely check out this Atlas Web Browser for android this browser is super-fast and user friendly. This app is built according to the latest Google Design guidelines for Material Design. This web-browser is incredible, both in performance and appearance. You can also switch between multiple tabs easily.

Site Filters, Adblock and Material Design

Setting Filters Android Browser
When you install and open the Atlas Web Browser for the first time it will prompt to you a quick tour so you can get to know the features of the app, during this setup you have to setup content filters. Atlas Web Browser provides 4 different content filters 

  1. EasyList – this is the basic site filtration to remove the ads, images and unwanted frames from a website. 
  2. EasyPrivacy – this feature will protect your privacy by disabling the tracking scripts and cookies. 
  3. Fanboy’s Annoyance List – This filter block the social media content and subscription pop ups etc.. 
  4. Fanboy’s Blocking Social List - This will remove social media buttons from a webpage. 
After finishing up the site filter setups you will see the homepage of the browser. The default homepage is set to be the bookmark you can change that later on. If you want to see the desktop version of the site you can view it by going to the settings, you can adjust the text size, you can block the popups and you can save this settings for each site. 
Settings For Website
This is a perfect browser for those who want fast, adblock content filter and material design you should definitely check out this app

Free Download - Atlas Web Browser.apk

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Lightweight Android Browser With Adblock and Site Filter Reviewed by Shree Madhan on Tuesday, September 16, 2014 Rating: 5
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