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Unyson WordPress Framework Comes with Lots of Choices

You love writing code, and that's why you are a web developer. Of course, you may not love writing code that much, and yet you find yourself stuck doing it in order to provide your end users with the features and the results they want.
[post_ad]Naturally, since web developers are smart people they have come up with some handy solutions to the problem of dealing with the need for the same code over and over. They create frameworks that are full of different libraries of code that can be used to generate themes, sites, and blogs. However, and you knew there had to be a "however", if a web developer wants their work to standout from the masses, they have to give their end users a lot of options.

These options would give them admin pages that allowed things like image uploading, changes in color, additional text input, checkboxes and similar tools, radio buttons, editorial functions, and more. To do this would mean including some sort of options panels. This, of course, means more code writing, or the use of code that is a bit more standardized and generic than you would like. And this is where the Unyson Framework has provided a unique set of solutions.

As an example, you might look at all of the WordPress theme framework solutions available (and there are many), but most would direct you towards plugins in order to provide your end users with a pre-designed options panel. Think about that for a moment...the one thing that can give a website or blog its most original look is actually delivered as a generic tool.

Unyson Framework Gives True Originality

Clearly, a generic set of options cannot ever provide your users with the kind of originality needed. The Unyson Framework, however allows you to include an options panel. It hands you the ability to include an array of choices that allow the theme to take on a more original and customized look, as well as a site that is really in the control of the end user, but it doesn't demand that you code the panels "from scratch".

Unyson Framework Options Are Feature Rich

With the twenty-plus options in the Unyson Framework you can include an enormous library of icons or one that is theme specific, you can choose how image uploads look and function, what sorts of buttons appear, what ranges of colors are available, what sort of background images they can choose from, and so much more.

Though the creation of options panels can be as streamlined as a lot of the other coding done by web developers, when you use this framework it combines the best of both worlds. You get a massive library of more than twenty options categories from which to choose, and you can quickly select the features and functions you want to make available to end users.

Here are some links that will help you view and test the Unyson WordPress framework:

Live Demo – a demo of the first theme built on Unyson
Test Labs – test the framework on our servers for 14 days
Unyson Page – find out more about the features & built in extensions
Developer Manual – all you need to know about Unyson
Trello Development Card – post ideas and stay up to date with the development
GitHub Repository – download the latest version of our framework and post issues

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Unyson WordPress Framework Comes with Lots of Choices Reviewed by Shree Madhan on Wednesday, September 24, 2014 Rating: 5
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