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How To Log into Multiple Facebook Accounts on Android

If you are a social media marketer and you want to log into multiple Facebook accounts to access them from your android smartphone just like you do for you Google account. But the problem is there is no way to add multiple Facebook account to sync and login to the official android Facebook app. Login into multiple Facebook accounts on your laptop or computer is quite easy and simple, all you have to do is open up different web browser or open a private window to sign in to multiple Facebook accounts simultaneously. But, this technique changes in Android, (sure you can use different web browsers app to achieve the same method in your android smartphone but it takes much processing and your phone will be dead slow) So we need an easier and quick way to switch back to multiple Facebook accounts on Android.

Free Android App

Friendcaster for Android is a Free Facebook app and it's one of the best alternative for the default Facebook app and it gives far better interface and lots’of features which official Facebook app doesn't have and it also supports push notifications. It comes with six themes, supports high resolution images in the news feed. Zip it feature allows you to hide feeds from a specific user. You can save your favorite post to see it later. You can see your friend’s check-ins in a list or in a map and lot more cool features like this. 

How to Log into Multiple Facebook Accounts 

Android Multiple Facebook Accounts
The first Facebook account which you sign into the app will becomes your primary account. After installing the app, to add multiple accounts, open up the app preferences and tap on Accounts. Here you'll find the option to add another account, after tapping on the Add another account you will be promoted to enter your Facebook username and password, after successful authentication you will be ask to grant all the permissions just like you did for the main account.

Switching between Multiple Facebook Accounts 

After adding that Facebook account successfully, you can then swap between multiple accounts easily from the app preferences and if you want to add even more Facebook account you can also do that by simply taping on the Add another account. Besides allowing you to configure multiple Facebook accounts, Friendcaster also offers lots of extra features you might want to explore. If you know any other trick to add multiple Facebook accounts on android let me know in the comments.

Free Download - Friendcaster.apk

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