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Automatically Turn on Your Android Phone by Just Picking it Up

Wakeup Andorid Phone
WakeUp is a free app which totally makes it super awesome and this app will allow your Android device to turn on itself automatically without touching or pressing any power or home button on your phone. The app makes use of the inbuilt tilt sensor which is present in your Android mobile this sensor will instantly turn on your phone by just picking it up and tilting it towards your face. This WakeUp app has been coded by a XDA-Developers member cb56 and this app is available for free on the Google Play Store, a Premium version of this app also available which gives you some additional features. 

Setting Up

However the free version also supports many features to customize the app according to your need. If you open up the app for the first time, you first have to activate it from Device Administrator screen. To achieve that, just tap ‘Activate Device Administrator’ followed by the activate button on the next screen, and everything is set and you are good to go.

How This App Works

Wakeup Android
How this app works is this app runs background and it constantly checking your phone’s tilt sensor and activates a wake command after sensing changes between the X and Y axis position that is horizontal and vertical. As a result it will automatically turns on your screen, enabling you to see your most important notifications instantly and quickly.

Diffrent Methods

Once you enabled WakeUp on your device you can use this app in two different ways. The first way is to by manually turn on your phone by adding the Wakeup widget on your homescreen. After that you can tap on this icon to turn off your device. The next time when you pick up your phone, the app will automatically turn the display on for you.

Automatically Turn on your Phone

Wakeup Android
But if you want things to be automated, you can enable the automatic monitoring option which keeps the app always-on so it will be running on the background (Caution : your battery will drain fast). Luckily, WakeUp will allows you to configure and customize its many different settings. For instance, you can change the tilt sensitivity, timeout period, you can stop monitoring for a specific period of time.


In addition, the app enables you to toggle haptic feedback when you waking up your phone, you can also turn on or off this option in the settings as well. If you are a battery power saver this app will not work on your way, but if you don't give a damn about the battery life definedly check out this app. Let me know what you think about this app in the commetns.

Free Download - WakeUp.apk

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