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Search and Listen to All Type of Genre in English Music

Rock Genre Cloud
I am a Music freak and I love all type of genres but my personal favorite is Rock and Dubstep. Music is full of genres and it has vast variety of genres followed by sub genres, a few of them are individually distinctive from other genre like Hard Rock is from Rock and Dubstep is sub divided into Chillstep and so on so forth. Whether or not we realize what genre a song is called or what genre it belongs to. We listen to the music and build our own flavor for the music. Every Noise At Once is free online tool and it lists each and every music genre available currently. This web app list out every single music genre out there, and it allows you to listen to those genre songs from every one of them. 

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This web app makes every music freaks life easier they don't need to search for each and every genre all genre are listed out in Every Noise At Once site. At the homepage you'll find a huge junk of cloud consist of all genre throughout the music history. The cloud looks fine but it's hard to find out the genre's, since it contains thousands of genres it's hard to find the particular genre quickly but you can find your genre by using the shortcut key Ctrl+F on Google Chrome.

Search Genres Randomly

Every Noise at Once
But don't worry the web app offers you two ways to browse those huge junk of genres using this method it will be easier for you to search your particular genre. First method is the Scan mode which will pick up a random genre from the cloud and it will start playing the song for that genre aromatically. You can also automatically click on a different genre of your choice and play music from it.

Search Genres by List

The second method is the List mode is probably the proper way and the fastest way to find different music genres using this online tool. Once you clicked the list mode at the top left navigation it will generate all the list of genres and and if you select a genre from that list a Spotify playlist track will be opend and it will automatically start playing the music according to that genre. 

Filter Genres Based on Your Interest

Every Noise at Once list
The advantage of using this mode is that you can choose the genre and you can find as deep as you want on that genre. For example, Rock is the major genre and it’s the core and it has huge collections of sub-genres and you can find very deep on that genre. There is also an option to filter the genres based on the mainstream only, deeper, deeper only, deepest only, familiarity, hotness, currency, discovery and engagement. In the list mode you can find Lots of new song that you may have not heard on that genre.

Find and Listen to Your Favourite Genre

This web app uses Spotify to play songs. If this tow method doesn't work for you on the way you expected. You can always use the traditional search bar and you can search the genre based on the artist and you can discover more songs in this way. I am a Music lover and I personally love this web app because it helps me to find different genres and discover music’s which I've missed in the past, so what do you think about this app let me know in the comments.

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