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Notepad Password Protect Text Encryption Windows Free Software

Password Protect Encryption Notepad
Notepad in windows is one of the essential tools mostly used for taking notes quickly, it's simple and doesn't occupy much memory. Some people store their personal details like ATM pin number, online email login's passwords and we use it for many purposes and one of the main functions of notepad is you can type basic HTML codes. But notepad doesn't have encrypted password protection option so any anonymous users can access your private details so it's risky. It's better password protecting the text files so that no can access except you.

Encrypt Plain Notepad Text Files

SecretPad is a free windows software which password protects and encrypt your notepad text files. The user interface is same as notepad it has all the features which notepad has. SecretPad application is built with strong encryption algorithm. It automatically close the program in case of long inactivity. SecretPad detects URL and it supports Unicode. Secretpad is portable no need to install. Just open the software and run it.

How To Encrypt Plain Text, Using a Password

SecretPad Windows Software
  1. Download and run the SecretPad app.
  2. Everytime you open the program you have to input a password so you alone can access the software.
  3. To create or change the existing password press Ctrl+W.
  4. Tip: Longer the password more secure protection.

Video Tutorial on How To Password Potect Notepad Files

Free Download - SecretPad for Windows

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