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Clockworkmod Alternative Recovery TWRP Backup, Restore Android

Clockworkmod Alternative Recovery TWRP Backup, Restore Android
If you have no idea what is ClockworkMod here is an explanation , it is an necessary section of the rooted Android phone experience. Using ClockworkMod, Android users can easily change custom made themes with the tap. You can browse and select through a huge collection of various ROMs and you can make your smartphone look like a completely new device every single day. Using ClockWorkMod (CWM) Recovery is the best and the most secure method to install or setup a customized ROM, create android backup, repair and fix permission, create SD partition and lot more. CWM completely overwrites over your existing or current Android OS and therefore enables you to choose your own personalized ROM in your Android device. But you must have a rooted and also a bootloader unlocked phone for CWM to work.

Best Clockworkmod Alternative TWRP Review

TWRP is one of the best alternative for Clockworkmod. The very first thing you will notice about TWRP is its GUI (Graphic User Interface) which looks remarkably modern UI, particularly when compared with ClockworkMod. You will get exactly the same standard list of features that you would anticipate from any kind of modern and complete-featured custom Android recovery, all specified by an incredibly structured way with large, touch-friendly control buttons which make using it very simple. In addition, It is optimized for Tablet Android devices.

Features Of TWRP

TWRP offers you having access to most of the functions you will expect from any custom recovery ROM. Let us check out all of them


Features, Interface TWRP

The user interface of TWRP contains big buttons which makes it an easy task to spot the feature you need and select the option you want with a simple tap. You will additionally It will display log file what you have performed so far.


The Install option enables you to install any recovery-flashable .zip file to your android device. This may be a ROM, kernel, mod, theme, or a system app – basically everything which is accessible in the recovery-flashable zip file format. and it also have the option's like Wipe, Backup, Restore, Mount, Settings, Advanced, File Manager, Terminal Command, Reboot,

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