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How To Run Incompatible Windows 7 Softwares/Program on Windows 8

How To Run Any Incompatible Windows 7 Softwares on Windows 8
Till now every windows users knows about Windows 8, at first it get's lot of critics and disadvantages but now progressively more people are upgrading from Windows 7 to the newest Microsoft release Windows 8 OS. Windows 8 boot up speed is really awesome, when compared to Windows 7 operating system Windows 8 comes with an quicker start time. The tiles-based user interface also known as Metro UI, it's the first thing you see when you login to your windows 8 desktop and it supports touchscreen option and lot more features on windows 8.

Make Incompatible Windows 7 Software's Work on Windows 8

There are some application which works on your windows 7 like your USB modem software, which was basically designed for windows xp and Windows 7 operating system. But they don't have the updates for windows 8 so so the program is not compatible with your windows 8 operating system. Then what you will do? you have to switch back to the old os to connect through the Internet. But here we have a better solution to solve and fix this incompatible error on windows 8. So that you can install any software's from windows xp and windows 7 on windows 8

How To Run Unsupported Windows 7 Softwares on Win 8

1.If you already installed the software first uninstall it.
2.Select the incompatible application you want to install.
3.Right click on the installer icon and select Troubleshoot compatibility.
Troubleshoot compatibility windows 8 option
4.At the next step you have to select Try recommended settings.This will make some changes to the program to work on windows 8.
Try recommended settings windows 8 option
5.After that select Test the program. It will install the application in Windows compatibility mode which means it will make the software run on your windows 8 machine.
 Test the program windows 8
This trick works on most of the time but in some cases it won't work. So you have to get the latest updated version of that software which needs to be supported on windows 8. So let us know if you know any other method to run incompatible Windows 7 softwares on Windows 8 in the comments.

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