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PDF to Word Combine Yoga With Tech

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A study conducted in the USA in spring 2015 showed that over 25 million people exercised yoga actively, with an estimate of over 200 million worldwide practicing yoga or pilates at least several times in the previous 12 months. The interest for yoga in the United States has quadrupled since 2001 and in Europe it has tripled. Yoga has slowly but surely become a huge trend among Americans and Europeans.

In the past 15 years there have been countless books written about the benefits of yoga, and the healthy lifestyle exercising yoga brings to each individual. With the fast-paced advance of technology, many bookshops and writers started selling books on the internet in order to boost their sales. 
This brought about the first change which came in the shape of ordering hard copy books and delivering them to the buyer's house address. After a couple of years the culture changed again, and with the release of Kindle and similar book reading devices, books became available for download from many websites. The new format was something unseen yet - books in PDF format to be read on touchscreen phones and tablets!

With all these new opportunities, healthy lifestyles (including yoga) are becoming more appealing and accessible than ever. If you’re among the many tech and yoga fans, here is an app that could help you introduce people to Yoga in your country. All you need are 2 things: a smartphone and one foreign language (if English is your mother tongue), so keep reading to find out how!

Enter PDF to Word

A couple of years ago Cometdocs came out with a little-known app that can help you and your yoga friends bring change to someone’s life - PDF to Word. This app helps you convert PDF files, the typical file format in which books are usually found when downloaded from the internet. Once you convert your file from PDF to Word, you can then edit the word document, translate the instructions and add your own changes to the content. You can add photos, change position descriptions, explain better which parts should be taken especially seriously etc.

So, this app converts books in PDF files to .docx Word documents, which is later easily editable and can be shared with fans, friends and family. Here’s how it works in 3 quick steps:

1. Download PDF to Word

Word Icon

PDF to Word is available on both mobile platforms. Cometdocs released the third version of this app in May 2016 and finally made the app available for Android users too. It is available on both iPhone and iPad. After saving it to your phone, you will be offered 2 in-app purchases to improve your user experience, but except for that, the app is completely free and very much useful without those, too.

2. Download your Yoga book in PDF

Find the eBook you want to download online and save it to your phone. You can find good eBooks on yoga, meditation and spiritual practice by clicking here. You can also open the eBook in the app itself through integrated importing services such as Dropbox, Gmail, Box and OneDrive, however all of these services require you to have the book in one of those services already, as well as to be logged in to them. 
PDF to Word
PDF to Word has an extremely simple user interface

3. Convert the PDF and edit your new file

Once you have selected the service that is most suited to your needs, you will see a list of files appear on your right-hand side. That list will show all the PDF files that you have stored inside the integrated app. Select the Yoga book you will be converting by clicking on it, and let the app do its work from there. The PDF file will be sent to the server which converts the file online, all the while not spending the device’s battery since the conversion is done on Cometdocs servers. The file is deleted from the servers 24h after the conversion is completed, in order to keep everything safe and private.
Share with your friends

As soon as your file is converted, you will find a new MS Word (.docx) file within the app, ready to be edited and passed on to the awaiting readers. If you need to do some high-grade editing, we suggest using the MS Word app in order to optimize the quality of the edited file. Once you do so, you can teach many people new yoga techniques and the ways of the East. 


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