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Top 8 Hottest Free Android Mobile Games

Top 8 Hottest Free Android Mobile Games
The advent of touchscreen phones was actually the reinvention of mobile games. If you are stuck in the traffic or at the end of a large queue you can’t help but wait for your turn. With all new exciting mobile games out there you may transform these occasions to a much more entertaining and fun-filled one. No matter you are a hardcore or an occasional light-footed gamer, we present you the list of blockbuster games across all major platforms namely the iOS, android and windows phone OS. This may not match your personal list and you can have your say in the comments section.

Temple Run: Oz

The latest of the temple run trilogy, the game is all about running endlessly to stay away from the howling baboons whose sole mission is to catch you. There are a lot of coins to pick up and thereby accumulating points. You can jump turn and slide on your way moving across the country.

The new episode features hot air balloon with which you can fly and amass even more points. Not to mention weekly challenges and environment transitions while running. This new version is more intense and zestful. Disney will charge you Rs.53.18 for your running adventure.

Subway Surfer 

Subway surfer
Like the Temple Run, Subway Surfer is also an endless running game. Here the protagonist is a little boy named Jake who was having some graffiti stuffs sprayed on the subway trains. He is chased by the railway inspector. You can collect coins while running for points. You must get away from a series of barriers in the form of trains, light posts, barricades etc. The run is made more exhilarating by Jetpacks and hover boards. It is a free game from Kiloo games. Remember, your surfing is free.

Drag Racing

Do you think you have what it takes to be the best driver in town? The drag racing is an addictive game where your driving skills are put to test against millions of players online. You have 50+ exotic cars like the iconic Skyline GT-R to choose from and show what you have got in quarter or half mile races. Great cars can be bought and the performance can be upgraded. A freebie.

NOS can be used to make your machine fast and furious.

Flick Golf

Flick Golf
A golf game minus of clubs. You don’t have to worry about using a wedger or a putter. Just flick it and you are good to go. Spin and curve can be added to your shots for a perfect hit. Usual golfing obstacles like trees, sand and wind are there to disturb you. A fun-filled game, not a high end golfing experience. But you have to pay Rs 59.36 to have a crack at it.


You are John "Loose" Kannon, the head of no nonsense cops who are in the mission to clean up the city. A local drug dealer and the mob of gangsters are behind you and your team to exact revenge on you. The mission is to exterminate the gang leader before you got killed. Locations include Latino Suburbs, Night Club, Police Department, Rich Suburbs, Industrial Area and Mexico. It is the best you can get if you are ready to shell out Rs 390.

Critical Strike Portable

Critical Strike Portable
A sensational game that is reminiscent of the good old counter strike. Intense multi player facility is enriched by the cross-platform support. You have dozens of maps and can even create one yourself with unity 3D. Believe it or not, it is free!

Stick Cricket 

The game is easy on the eye yet addictive. You can hit the ball, but only an expert can hit all the balls over the fence. You have the batsman’s view and your skills are put into test against a well balanced bowling attack. There are many international teams and you can bat for 5 overs, scoring much as you can.

Asphalt 7

Asphalt 7
Heat Can you handle the heat of power racing? Hit the track with rampages cars from leading manufacturers and deal with challenges across the globe. Six different game modes in fifteen different leagues are there to bring the best out of you. Asphalt 7 can be downloaded at a reasonable price of Rs 55.

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