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Methods to Fix BSOD Error & Recover Lost Multimedia Files

BSOD Error Screen

BSOD (Blue screen of Death) is a widely known and nightmarish screen, which occurs as a result of some critical fault in windows. This blue screen can result in severe data loss if not troubleshoot properly. There can be various causes for this related to hardware, software updates or drivers. Also known as Stop Error or Bug Check, the problem may be solved after rebooting the system but if a critical data is lost supposedly, then that is a major cause for concern.
This kind of error is usually a result of hardware or hardware driver with low-level software running in the Windows kernel eventually resulting in System crash. Rarely does it occur as a result of some software failure.

However, in the latest versions of windows, the application is made to continuously save a copy of its files at frequent intervals. But, it is always better to know the root cause about “Blue Screening” of your computer and try to trouble shoot by few manual methods.

Also if you want to know details about the error message you received, then go to the “automatic reboots on BSODs” from the Windows Control Panel and disable it. Windows always save a separate file which contains all the information about the error messages. You can read to knoe in details about the error message.

Troubleshooting BSODs

Windows action center also displays blue-screen information. Here you can check the messages, analyze the root cause of the error and resolve problems. Let’s hear a case of my friend.

“He was editing few of his most valued photographs in his laptop in a photo editing software. Suddenly, the application stopped giving him a BSOD error. Without learning about the cause of the problem, my friend restarted the computer without giving any second thought since he knew restarting or rebooting is the system is the only left solution for these kinds of error. Result, the application restarted indeed successfully but leaving him at a loss of all the edited photographs on which he spent hours.” 

Keeping in view avoiding such situation, here are few of the methods to deal with BSOD’s

1. System Restore
This command sets back the system to a previously saved point dated back. All your settings are set to a back dated specific point.
2. System Scan: 
Scan your system thoroughly for any bugs or viruses.
3. Update driver: 
Install or update the drivers to latest one. This may combat problems due to a driver issues (bugs, faults or incompatible)
4. Run in Safe Mode: 
You can start Windows in safe mode , where windows install only the essential drivers
5. Reinstall OS: 
This is the option, when you have already verified your hardware issues. If there’s no hardware issue, then this option may be considered.

Still fighting to find your lost files and folders?? You have to turn to your last resort, that is, data recovery software. Suppose, if you are one like, my friend who just happened to lose photos or videos from your system and couldn’t find them back with the above-stated methods then download, install and run photo recovery software to rescue you from such crisis. You can try Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Software to recover your lost or deleted photos, videos or audio files.

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Sumona Chatterjee
Sumona is a technical blogger and writer. She has over 1 year experience in Photo Recovery technology. On her free time she writes about technical tips and tutorials.

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