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Organise Installed Android Apps in Google Play Categories Order

Organise Android Apps
Google Play Store has lot's of useful and handy apps for our Android devices there are so many android apps which we used in our daily life like whatsapp, Instagram, MX player, Power AMP, Gmail and lot more to say, but it's hard to organise or sort those apps in order. Well you can make a shortcut on the home screen but it makes your screen clutter the other method is organising the apps in a folder but you have to do it manually every time you install a new app. To make your android easier and faster way to access those apps, based on the Google Play Store categories try this app!

Organizes your Android Apps into Google Play Categories Style

App Launcher+ (Auto Organizer) is an fee and a paid app available on Play Store. This app is an app drawer which automatically list and organise your installed apps on your Android smart phone based on the Google Play Store categories. This is not a full launcher so it won't replace your current launcher. This app can also used to install or uninstall apps. If any app categorized in miscellaneous you can manually move by holding the app and selecting Move then click the category you want to move.

How To Manage and Sort Installed Apps on Android

App Launcher+ Auto Organizer
Using App Launcher+ you can also customize the categories manually. The paid version cost some $1 and a few cents it also includes folder view shortcut on the home screen. Quick launch using floating launcher, theme color for folder view, side launcher and no ads. Overall it got a 4.7 ratings from Play store seems like a nice app to install on your android device if you want to organise your apps according to the Google Play Store categories then you must definitely try this app.

Free Download and Install - App Launcher+ (Auto Organizer) Apk

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