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Apple iPhone 6 Vertical Top Flip Cover Case

Apple has introduced a significant overall design for the new iPhone 6. It's totally different from the predecessor iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S, but the main change in here is all about the screen size, the larger iPhone 6 with the super-size iPhone 6 has a brilliant retina display. iPhone 6 packs with an A-8 processor with M-8 motion processor and it also supports NFC for apple wireless payment system which is Apply Pay, to make your iPhone 6 more secure Touch ID fingerprint scanner is still there.

Apple’s iPhone 6 has become one of the successful smartphones in the sales with millions. But soon after the iPhone 6 hit the retail stores, they also started to hit the floors and sidewalks as the new owners unexpectedly dropped them. You can reduce the worry by investing in some good protection for your iPhone. That fresh new sexy, slim look, requires some respect and we have got a variety of the best iPhone 6 cases which you can buy now online.

Since the iPhone is getting bigger and bigger the larger form factor means it will be tougher for small hands to keep hold of the iPhone 6 they will lose the grip, at some point and they will break the expensive phone in the market. Even though the iPhone 6 is well-built, worst case scenarios will happen, so it's always better to use some protective case. Since there are lot's of cases available for iPhone 6 in the market, I'm gonna pick one classic iPhone case which is useful for day to day usage.
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Vertical Flip iphone 6 case

This is a vertical top flip cover case, which is built using artificial leather and plastic material and it holds your credit and debit card. This case protects overall body of the iPhone 6 and it's easy to remove, since you have to carry a wallet for your credit and debit cards there is no need to carry your wallet now this case can hold all your debit and credit cards. It's available in red, black, white and pink color and it cost around $4.50 which is very low. Buy this case on

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