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A Simple Guide to Working in the UK

work in uk
The UK is one of the powerful country in the world and the most developed, so there are endless job opportunities for employment seekers. If you want your dream job in the UK there are some basic things you need to know about how the system works in the United Kingdom.

The average salary for an employee is growing up over the years. According to a survey, there are more employments in the UK now when compared to the past years. So this clearly indicates that in future there will be more jobs available.

Working Time 

working Time
Do note that some jobs are decline throughout the years so it's important to aware of what type of job you want, do your research before getting the job. Jobs in the UK varies for each and every field, you'll get a traditional 9 to 5 job, Monday to Friday, Sitting in an Office job, or you can work in your home, there is endless way how the job can be done so be aware of that before getting a job.

According to The UK, law, the average working time is 48 hours a week unless you choose to work more and it also depends on the company which you work they have a different policy for their workers. Your normal employment hours are mentioned in your legal contract or agreement.

Generally The Working Time Regulation protects your working times.
  • 48-hour wok week.
  • You'll get 5.6 weeks paid leave a year.
  • 20 minutes if your working hour is longer than 6 hours.

Acas Helpline

Acas Helpline
If you want to know further about your workplace regulation call Acas Toll Free Helpline number 0300 123 1100 for free support and advice to check your workplace timing regulation. The Acas helpline will give you all kind of details and advice about your workplace employment rights and HR management issues.

Working hours affects your work- life balance. Nowadays many companies are providing 24/7 support to improve their business, this increases the workers time to work on flexible timing like shift work, and working in the home. To know more about your working hours click here.

Zero Hour Contract

You just have to figure out what works for you when signing the contract. Zero Hour contracts are becoming more popular in The UK recent years. This contract allows you to hire staffs with no guarantee of work. Your employer doesn't have to give you any work, but you will be still in the contract.

Minimum Wage

Minimum wage
In The UK the minimum wage for an average person per hour is £6.50ph but this can be increased to a "Living Wage" amount of £7.85 or £9.15 for London. Many professions have union association the union will look after the interest of your wage negotiations, work conditions etc.. for more information Click Here.

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