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PST file corruption is no more a complicated situation with Kernel for Outlook PST Repair

MSOutlook, from Microsoft, is a popular email client application that works independently, or along with MS Exchange Server/SharePoint Server. It also provides personal information management facilities like calendar, address books, task manager, notes, and journals.Though Outlook is designed for flawless email communication, it doesn’t work so perfectly in real situations, mainly owing to the corruption or damages of its PST files. 

Reasons like file header corruption, broken PST file, deletion of items and virus attacks may destabilize the Outlook Data (PST) files. The data in Outlook– emails, attachments, images, contacts, addresses, notes and journals- become inaccessible after the corruption PST files. Such corrupt or damaged PST files can easily be repaired with the help of Kernel for Outlook PST Repair, a comprehensive PST repair tool.

Overview of the software

This PST Repair tool is specially designed to recover inaccessible emails and other Outlook items instantly from corrupt or damaged PST files. It also helps you recover accidentally/permanently deleted Outlook PST items.

If you know the exact location of the PST file, you can select it for repairing. But if you do not know the exact location, you can use the Search button to locate it.  After the recovery, you can preview the items. Recovered folders are presented in a tree-like structure in the Folder List. You can easily navigate through different folders to view its content in the message list on the right-side. By selecting an item in the message list, you can preview that item in the preview pane at the bottom. You can see that the deleted items are highlighted in red. The preview facility of the software is simply marvelous.

Software provides two distinct saving options- Save in Outlook (in PST or MSG format) and Save in Outlook Express (in DBX or EML format). With its Find option, you can search for specific items to save them selectively. This tool provides options for saving items within/outside date range, for splitting the PST file, for excluding deleted items and for browsing the required saving location. On the whole it allows you save the items as per your requirements.

Key Features at a Glance

·         Search – helps to locate the PST file
·         Preview – displays the recovered folders and items in the hierarchical order
·         Save in Outlook – saves the recovered items in PST or MSG format
·         Save in Outlook Express – saves the recovered items in DBX or EML format
·         Save Snapshot – saves snapshot of the recovered PST
·         Load Snapshot – loads previously saved snapshot
·         Find – searches for required emails in selected PST files
·         Select date range –saves emails of all time, saves emails of the selected date range, or skips emails of the selected date range
·         Split option –saves the recovered items in a single PST file or multiple PST files
·         Attach prefix to store name – adds prefix to the store name
·         Exclude deleted items while saving – excludes deleted items while saving the PST items

Software Details and Specifications

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair
Kernel Data Recovery
To repair corrupt PST files
Latest Version  
13.05.01 (Supports MS Outlook 2013 and Windows 8)
5.1 MB
OS Support
All Windows versions
Outlook Support
All versions form 97 onwards (32/64 bit)
Demo Version   
Available with restricted features

Pros and Cons of Using Kernel for Outlook PST Repair

Easy to install and use
Works only with Outlook PST files
Works even with large PST files
The trial version cannot be used to save the recovered items
Allows to filter for required items with its Find option
Allows to filter items by date range
Allows saving in PST/MSG/DBX/EML format
Available as demo version
Supports all recent version of Windows and MS Outlook

How to Fix Outlook PST Corruption Issues Using Kernel for Outlook PST Repair

It is an easy-to-use software solution. You can perform the repair by reading the explanations on its screen. Below, we are giving the main steps only.

1.Select the corrupt or damaged PST file using the Browse button (you can use the Search button if you don’t know the exact location of the file); follow the on-screen instruction till you see the recovered items.
     2.Preview the items closely by navigating through different folders on the Folder List. Select a folder and click the Save button.

3. Select the required saving option and proceed with the on-screen instructions till the selected folder/items are saved in the desired location.

4.Finally, click the link displayed by the confirmation dialogue box to view the saved files.

Suggestions and Recommendations

Before purchasing this tool, just try its free demo version on your premises after checking the minimum system requirements. If you are able to recover and preview the items, proceed to purchase the full version. If you face some difficulty, you can contact the Kernel Data Recovery support team for assistance.

Why Choose Kernel for Outlook PST Repair

When you buy a PST recovery tool, it is always better to buy a comprehensive tool that is easy to install and use. Software meets all these requirements. It helps you deal with minor as well as major PST corruption issues. It recovers inaccessible items quickly and accurately, and displays them for a preview. Also, it provides multiple saving options along with many filtering options. You can use this tool with all recent versions of Windows OS and MS Outlook. Moreover, you can try its demo version before purchasing it. So it is the best for an Outlook user.

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