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Password Protect and Hide System Tray Icon in Utorrent

Utorrent Password Hide
Utorrent is one of the popular and the best BitTorrent clients available. Utorrent is awesome because it uses very low system resource and it comes with tons of options to customize it. There is an inbuilt settings in utorent with password protect your Utorrent client and also hide the utorrent icon from the system tray, most of them know these hidden settings I will reveal this awesome hidden feature in this post. The reason why I am writing these article is I have an story to tell you guys.

The Story

My brother and me use utorrent a lot to download some stuffs. When we both got to do some work I will tell him to stop downloading and vice versa. Here is the funny part to make sure he quit the uttorent I go and check his laptop and I click the system tray to double check the utorrent client is closed, he also do the same for me, but here is the trick I want the utorrent to run on background as well as not get caught by my bro (sound dumb right!) .

The Ultimate Solution

So I was searching on Google but nothing helps me .I know there is got to be an easy way to password protect and hide the utorrent system tray icon, so I went through all the settings in utorrent one by one, and I found out his quite easy to achieve this feature. I tried several methods by going to the taskbar properties or clicking on the system tray customize settings and choosing hide icon and system notification nothing works for me. So here is an simple tweak to password protect and hide the utorrent icon on the system tray

How To Password Protect and Hide System Tray Icon 

  1. Open the Utorrent application.
  2. Go to options -> Preference or use the shortcut Ctrl+P.
  3. Click the General option
  4. Check the Boss-Key Password.
  5. Choose your Password to Protect Utorrent.
  6. You can use your own keyboard shortcut in the Boss-Key.
  7. Now click Ok and and press your desired shortcut key (mine is Alt+U).
  8. The Utorrent will be closed and you can't find it in the system tray.
  9. Use your Boss-key to open up the utorrent and enter your Password
  10. Again if you wan to hide the utorrent from system tray and password protect use the Boss-Key.
That's it this trick will work like a charm, the utorrent app will run on the background you can check on the task manager. If you guys find password protect and hide BitTorrent icon in the system tray let me know in the comments.

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