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Jihosoft Free Eraser to Delete Files Permanently from Computer

Recently, I planned to sell my old computer. However, one of my friends told me that, when I delete files from my computer, they can still remain on the hard disk. In many cases, the deleted files can be recovered with data recovery software. This implies that I may handle my personal information to strangers. To make sure my personal data is truly gone before I sell the computer, now I’m looking for a way of resolving this trouble. Is there any secure eraser software to deleted files permanently from computer? Are someone troubled with the same problem? If so, you’ll find a free and perfect solution here. Jihosoft Free Eraser will let you delete files permanently from your computer without any difficulties.

Review of Jihosoft Free Eraser 

Jihosoft Free Eraser is a powerful data destruction tool that exclusive for data security and privacy protection. This application will overwrite your private information with random patterns until the data is no longer recoverable. This makes sure that no one will ever be able to access that data. By using Jihosoft Free Eraser, we can securely wipe out individual files and folders, as well as content of entire drive or partition. 

Important Features that Jihosoft Free Erase Has: 

  • Securely delete sensitive files and folders beyond recovery 
  • Permanently erase all content of entire drive or partition 
  • Complete cleanup unused and slack space left on hard drive 
  • Provide predefined advanced algorithms to wipe data out 

How to Delete Files Permanently from Computer 

The installation of Jihosoft Free Eraser is quite simple and use is very intuitive. The software provides users three data deletion modes: 

Jihosoft Free Eraser

Option 1: File & Folder Deletion
Select “File & folder deletion” mode. Click “Add files” or “Add folder” to load files or folders. From the drop-down list of “Security level”, select one as your desired deletion method. Finally click “Start deletion”. 
Option 2: Drive & Partition Deletion 
Select “Drive & partition deletion” mode. Select the drive or partition you would like to wipe out all data in it. Then click “Start deletion” and select a data shredding pattern, the deletion will begin promptly. 
Option 3: Free Space Deletion 
Select “Free space deletion” mode. Select the drive where its free space you’d like to cleanup. Then click “Start deletion” and choose a data destruction mode, the program will immediately start to wipe data. 

Jihosoft Eraser Pro 

To cater to different user’s needs, Jihosoft Eraser is available in three editions: Jihosoft Eraser Free, Jihosoft Eraser Pro, and Jihosoft Eraser Commercial. Compared to Jihosoft Free Eraser, Jihosoft Eraser Pro added the ability to erase content from iDevice like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is normally sold at the price of $49.95. 

Free Download - Jihosoft Free Eraser

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Jihosoft Free Eraser to Delete Files Permanently from Computer Reviewed by Shree Madhan on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 Rating: 5
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