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How To Auto Bookmark and Change the UI of Google Chrome History

Google Chrome Clear Browser History
Web users are generally on the search for a best methods to maintain their favorite website links organized in a manner that they can easily be searched whenever they wanted. Programmers, on the other hand, always thinking about solutions to help users seem sensible of their internet browser history, making it simpler and easier to access & search. On Google Chrome by pressing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+H you can see all your browsing history along with time, date, month and you can also search for your visited websites. But default Google Chrome History is simple and there is no other extra features.

Change the Look & See your Google Chrome Broswing History in a New Way

To have some special features and to solve the problem, we found a Google Chrome extension called cottonTracks this plugin gives you easy access to browsing history with some cool options. cottonTracks automatically groups your browsing history based on your favorite topics. You don’t require countless bookmark folders any more, everything is sorted & organized to suit your needs. This extension generates stories about subjects which you surf. Once you click on the extension button, you will get access to the different themes which you are recently browsing.

How To Overlay a History of Visited Links on Sites in Chrome

cottonTracks Google Chrome Extension

cottonTracks coding algorithms analyze in depth detail that how you socialize with every single article you read on the web and to figure out which obstruct is essential for you whether it's content or blog post, images, videos or maps. cottonTracks also offers you relevant stories and also search tool. You can highlight or even copy/paste a word on any web page and it will remember it as a quote for you. Using cottonTracks you can reduce the amount of opened tabs simply by surfing around a particular topic per tab and it will save your navigation directory path and create it as a story. You don't need logins to use this extension thus preventing your Privacy.

Free Download & Install - cottonTracks Google Chrome Extension

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