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Free App To Lock and Password Protect WhatsApp On Android Devices

WhatsApp Password Protect Lock
If you happen to give your smartphone to anyone, or if it's unlocked then it's possible to read your messages without knowing you, they can access your personal chat history's. WhatsApp is topping the No 1 position in the messaging app in Google Play. Every Android users uses WhatsApp to chat unlimited. Recent survey also confirmed that WhatsApp has crossed 1 Billion messages per day which is more than a Twitter tweets in a day. But WhatsApp has no built-in option to lock the messaging app, this makes easier for someone to see your conversations. So here is a free app which locks and password protect you WhatsApp.

Protect WhatsApp with a Password

WhatsApp Lock is a free Android app. Which gives you an option to lock your WhatsApp and secure your messages. This app is lightweight and effective. This app has some cool options to lock your WhatsApp. After downloading and installing this app , at the first time you open this app you are asked to set a 4 digit pin and confirm it. This pin protects the WhatsApp from other users, if you want to read the messages you have to enter the four digit pin.

Features of WhatsApp Lock

WhatsApp Lock Password
WhatsApp Lock has so many features, by default if you exit WhatsApp it will be automatically locked, this will be annoying for some users. But there is an option to set the lock time interval from 1 to 15 minutes and it also has some cool option if some stranger enter a wrong pin, it will immediately take a photo of him and save it in your gallery (this option only works if you have a front camera). There are many App lockers for Android if you want a dedicated lock for a specific app try this WhatsApp Lock.

Free Download - WhatsApp Lock

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