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Few Things About Me.....

Hallo! I'am Shree Madhan and I am a Dynamic Guy. I love being energetic and fast and I got some skills other than blogging I used to be an athlete. I won several prizes in Sprint, Long Jump and High Jump etc... I been doing Yoga for 7 years and I still do it every day and I too got some awards on Yoga, some may think doing yoga can make your body and mind healthy but for me that's not the reason. I do yoga because I love flexing my body do you want to see me in action ?

Shree Madan Yoga

For those who wondering what is the pose name is. It is called vrischikasana, most of the yoga pose names are in Sanskrit because the birth place of yoga is India, this asana also known as Scorpion Pose. I do lots of advance Yoga’s this is just a simple one according to me, my physical fitness doesn't end with Yoga, I also Workout real hard to be in perfect shape. Since I am busy with the blogging activities I don't got the time to hit the Gym. So I bought some Dumbbells to workout on my home and you guys want to see that also on action! Here we go.....

Shree Madhan Workout

As you can see I got some pretty good abs. But there are some guys always use to mock me up saying that, being skinny can get you abs quicker. Actually I agree with this statement but in my case it's not because I got my body in shape by doing yoga and I build muscles doing workout. I do lots of Push-Ups let's say 42 in a row. When it comes to workout my inspiration is Arnold Schwarzenegger. I love this quote personally
This pain that you hold is yours. There is not a single pain quite like it. Nobody else on God’s green earth can feel this pain, or have the indescribable feeling of pride you will have when you overcome it. This pain is not your curse; this pain is YOUR PRIVILEGE -Arnold Schwarzenegger
I also do some karate, I got Brown IV belt and I do some Kata's on Nunchaku believe me that's the coolest thing I ever done in Karate, other than this physical activities and blogging. I watch Movies a lot and I too listen to songs a lot. I like all kind of genre, but when it comes to real music you got to admit its Rock N Roll. I love Rock music because it's rock your body man. I am a Movie Freak and Music Freak, whatever you name it.

You can clearly see that I am just bragging about me a lot (I know). But the reason why I do is I just want to be an inspiration to my readers and I want them to do the same things which I do to make your life healthier and peaceful.

About Softechnogeek

Let's talk about blogging, I started learning blogging on 2010 but I really get to blogging seriously when I start Softechnogeek on 2011. I mainly stared this blog to learn something new every day and I want to write those on my blog to help other peoples too and I forgot to mention have you guys noticed the spelling mistake on the first line "Hallo" actually it's not, in German Hallo means Hi and I know Deutsch too a little bit.

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